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The easiest way to create a beautiful dashboard with built in filters, one line embeds, and a full API.

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We provide a UI and a developer first API for both ease of use and ease of development. You can choose to use our easy embed dashboard or request your dashboard data via the API.

Built In Controls

Filters allow you to instantly view different timeframes and granularities for the reports on your dashboards.

Chart Auto Choice

Select the type of report to display and the information you want. We'll automatically choose the best chart for the report and size of your data.

Easy Embed

Using our one line snippet you can easily embed dashboards into your web app and get all the functionality right in your apps!

  group: "Support Requests",
  data: {
    "Request Date": "2018-04-26T11:09:28+00:00",
    "Category": "Technical Request",
    "User ID": "42",
    "Status": "New"
}, function(err, record) {
  // asynchronously called

Create Records

Add unlimited records to your account. Categorize them by group names so you can easily reference them.

  • Unlimited Records
  • Simple JSON data Format
  dashboard_id: "25769c6c-d34d-4bfe-ba98-e0ee856f3e7a",
  type: "timeline",
  rules: [
      type: "records-group",
      value: "Support Requests",
      type: "field",
      value: "Category"
}, function(err, report) {
  // asynchronously called

Create Reports

Create the reports you want to be calculated. We'll take all previously submitted and future records to use when calculating your reports.

  • Add reports directly to dashboards
  • Choose from timeline, percentage, and more
  dashboard_id: "25769c6c-d34d-4bfe-ba98-e0ee856f3e7a",
  timeframe: "month-to-date",
  granularity: "daily"
}, function(err, dashboard) {
  // asynchronously called

Retrieve Dashboards

Get all of your reports in a dashboard broken down by filters.

  • Display your dashboard for the past week, month to date, year, and more
  • Break down your reports by hourly, daily, weekly, and more

Ways To Use

User Dashboard

Need a unique dashboard for each user? Using the API you can create a new dashboard for each user and then use the one line embed code to show the user their dashboard.

Export Statistics

Need to export aggregate statistics from your app? By using the Retrieve Dashboard endpoint you can use the API to get all of your aggregated reports in JSON format. Then use that data how you choose.


Free Forever up to 5,000 API requests/month

After your 5,000 API requests we charge $5/month for a block of 1 million API requests. Check out our API Documentation to see what requests you'll need to make. Contact Us with any questions.